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Tips To Help Improve Your Warehouse Security

While CCTVs have proven to be an excellent option when it comes to security, it is even better to have hidden cameras setup wherever possible. That way, neither employees nor visitors will know of their presence, and this often means that in the event of suspicious goings-on, you can easily whip out the tapes and have a look unbeknownst to them. Usually, when people know there are cameras somewhere, they look for other ways to get up to no good, which is when these hidden gems come in handy. As anyone who works in logistics will tell you, the industry is by no means an easy one, and there is a lot of stress that inevitably accompanies it. One main component in logistics, is security. After all, there are so many warehouses, transportation and delivery services that all need to be monitored and tracked on a daily basis. Hence, companies that are heavily involved in logistics processes need to be sharp and on their feet when it comes to security not just for protection from the outside, but also from the inside. There have been plenty of cases where employees have caused chaos from within the organisation, which is why the latter is important.


As they say, prevention is better than cure and this is very much applicable in this instance. Instead of regretting hiring questionable employees, you should employ thorough screening processes to vet them. You are letting them into the heart of the company’s processes you see, so you need to be as careful as possible. It’s like a security bolt (though typically useful) you can opt to security bags to more safety, can keep their trust locked in so it is entirely upto you to know who you are hiring.


Do not bestow every Tom, Dick and Harry with the privilege of accessing anything and everything they want. In other words, mark off certain areas as ‘restricted access’, so employees know they need a superior to get in. Any sort of unauthorised entrance should be dealt with accordingly. You should also set up a system that will allow you to monitor the superiors themselves, and ensure they too have appropriate protocols in place that will deal with them should they step out of line.


Well, we do live in advanced times after all, which means that obviously, even security got an upgrade. You can opt for systems that enter complete lockdown mode, whilst letting off deafening alarms left, right and centre. In fact, depending on the security company you talk to, you can even personalise your security system the way you want, based on your needs. Just do not forget that smaller security solutions such as cable seals can also be incredibly valuable additions.


Since key cards and special locks became void after some time because people just found ways around it, a more ingenious option made its way into the market: the fingerprint machine. Actually, there are plenty of companies around the world that have implemented them in company premises, and are quite successful. Though of course things like voice recognition are also great, they are less accessible which is why this fits in quite well. Shop around for a few options before settling on one.

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